Our Brand Story

At AletaCollagen, our mission is to help women feel their most beautiful from the inside out. We were founded by Hana white who struggled with dull skin, brittle nails and thinning hair. After trying countless products with little improvement, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Through extensive research, she learned about the incredible benefits of collagen for hair, skin and nails. They also discovered that most collagen supplements on the market contained low quality ingredients and very little actual collagen. Determined to create a purer, more potent formula, Hana partnered with fitgelatins to develop a signature bovine collagen peptide blend. Sourced from quality bovine hides and formulated to maximize absorption, a collagen which provides a powerful dose of beautifying nutrients.

Within weeks of taking AletaCollagen, Hana was amazed by his glowing complexions, accelerated hair growth and strong, healthy nails. Once they saw the dramatic results firsthand, they knew they had to share their discovery with others. That spark of inspiration blossomed into the rapidly growing company we are today.

At AletaCollagen, we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and rigorous testing to ensure our products deliver real, visible results. We are proud to provide women with an effective, natural way to restore their beauty from within. Our collagen isn't just a supplement - it's an essential part of our daily ritual for confidence and self-care.


Our Mission

At AletaCollagen, our mission goes beyond skin deep. We aim to empower women to take control of their health and nourish their bodies with the nutrients they need to look and feel their best. Our collagen supplements provide the building blocks for strong nails, lush hair and a radiant complexion. But we know true beauty comes from within.

That's why we strive to create a caring community of women who lift each other up. We celebrate every small win, whether it's an extra hour of sleep, a fresh salad for lunch or a new PR at the gym. No matter your age or background, you deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

With our collagen, self-care tips and words of encouragement, we want to inspire women to practice self-love and experience the joy that comes from nurturing your mind, body and spirit. At AletaCollagen, we provide the tools - but you define your own beautiful. Let's join together to reveal our inner glow.


Our Values

At AletaCollagen, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to product quality, scientific research, and customer experience. We have core values that guide every decision we make as a company:


We only use the purest ingredients and rigorous testing methods to ensure our collagen supplements deliver maximum results. Our collagen comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine sources to provide high protein content without unnecessary fillers or additives.


Our proprietary collagen peptide formula contains a powerful 10,000 mg collagen per serving, crafted to optimize bioavailability and absorption. We pack an extra potent dose in every scoop.


We clearly list all ingredients and are fully transparent about our sourcing, manufacturing and testing processes. You'll always know exactly what's in our products.


All of our products are backed by published clinical research and formulated by a team of scientists and medical experts. We rely on data, not hype, in everything we do.


Beauty starts from within. We encourage women to practice self-love and nourish their bodies through exercise, nutrition, sleep and relaxation. Our products complement a healthy lifestyle.


We strive to uplift and empower women to feel confident in their own skin. Our caring community provides inspiration, advice and a judgment-free zone. Beauty has no limits.


Our Commitment to Quality

We source only the highest quality collagen peptides from pasture-raised cows. Our collagen is non-GMO, antibiotic-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, preservative-free, and made without artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Our proprietary hydrolysis process gently extracts the collagen peptides while preserving their bioavailability and integrity. We take pride in providing collagen that dissolves easily and delivers real results you can see and feel.


Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Hana White, struggled with joint pain and skin dullness. After trying countless supplements with no results, she discovered collagen and was amazed by its youth-restoring benefits.

Frustrated by the low quality options on the market, Hana made it her mission to create a line of premium collagen sourced from grass-fed cows. She partnered with the largest collagen producer in the world gelita collagen to ensure complete traceability and launched aletacollagen in 2023.

Hana continues to oversee production and research to make sure every batch meets her uncompromising standards. Her dedication to collagen benefits the lives of women everywhere.


Meet the team

Meet Our Sales Director

Avrahom brings over 10 years of sales experience to his role as Sales Director at AletaCollagen. Avrahom's passion for health and wellness products is infectious - he truly believes in the benefits of collagen and delights in sharing our products with new customers every day.

Before joining our team, Avrahom cut his teeth in the pharmaceutical sales world. He quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his natural charisma, work ethic and knack for building relationships.

Avrahom takes great pride in representing our brand. He only pitches products he believes in and takes the time to educate each customer on the science behind our proprietary collagen peptide formula. His depth of knowledge is unmatched.

When he's not on the phone with customers, Avrahom is constantly networking at health industry events and connecting with healthcare providers to spread the word about AletaCollagen. His Rolodex is bursting with contacts who trust his opinion thanks to his sincerity and passion.

We feel so fortunate to have someone as dedicated, charismatic and knowledgeable as Avrahom representing our brand. His commitment to providing the highest quality collagen supplements is unwavering. Avrahom's personal touch and glowing testimonials from customers continue to drive our success.


Meet Our Social Media Manager

At just 22 years old, our social media manager Leah is a rising star. With her sophisticated sense of style and keen eye for aesthetics, Leah cultivates an elegant yet approachable brand image across our social platforms.

Leah first joined our team as an intern while completing her marketing degree. We quickly noticed her creative instincts and maturity beyond her years. Within months Leah was spearheading photo shoots, crafting captions and engaging with our community.

While juggling the demands of building our online presence, Leah remains dedicated to creating a positive space for women. She thoughtfully responds to every message and makes sure no question goes unanswered. Leah's sincerity and compassion shine through in all her interactions.

With her refined sensibility and passion for our mission, Leah has become an invaluable team member. Her sophistication and heart are the perfect encapsulation of our brand. We're thrilled to have her talent on display.


Meet Our Brand Ambassador

We're thrilled to have Jake on board as AletaCollagen's brand ambassador. At 27 years old, Jake brings sophistication, charisma and visionary thinking to represent our premium brand.

With his classy style, captivating energy and passion for our products, Jake authentically connects with our audience. He has a natural talent for conveying the essence of AletaCollagen in a relatable yet aspirational way.

Jake truly believes in our mission of holistic beauty and self care. His own journey to finding confidence inspired us. Now he lends his voice to share our message and uplift others.

During photoshoots and videos, Jake radiates approachability and warmth. Behind the scenes, he spearheads creative direction with imagination and intuition. His discerning eye and bold ideas inspire the team.

We feel so fortunate to have someone as multifaceted and magnetic as Jake representing AletaCollagen. His sophistication coupled with his empathetic nature make him the perfect fit. We can't wait to see what he dreams up next.



"I've tried various collagen supplements over the years but none compare to AletaCollagen. Within a month, my dull complexion had a gorgeous glow. My skin is more supple, my nails stronger and my hair has so much body. I'm hooked on Aleta for life!" - Sarah K., Chicago

Dr. Emily S., Dermatologist: "I recommend AletaCollagen to my patients because it uses the highest quality ingredients and a potent formula that delivers real results. I've seen noticeable improvements in skin elasticity, hydration and brightness after just 6-8 weeks of daily use."

Melissa F., Influencer: "As someone in the public eye, I rely on AletaCollagen to keep my skin looking flawless and youthful. It's my secret weapon! I also love that it's pure, natural and actually works - no fillers or junk. I won't put just anything in my body."

Congratulations from FitGelatin

As the leading gelatin and collagen wholesaler, Fitgelatins congratulated AletaCollagen on their amazing success. They are proud to partner with such a dedicated company that shares in their commitment to collagen quality.

"We applaud AletaCollagen for building a brand women can trust. Their meticulous quality control and extensive collagen research set a new standard for the industry. We are thrilled to see their collagen transforming lives and wish them continued growth and success.

The collagen community is lucky to have a company as dedicated as AletaCollagen propelling the industry forward. We are proud to work with them and support their inspiring mission. Here's to many more years of AletaCollagen delivering amazing collagen to the world!"



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