The Impact of Collagen on Nail Health: Strengthening and Growth

Nails are an essential part of our body, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. A well-balanced diet and proper care are necessary to maintain their health. One vital component that contributes to nail health is collagen, a protein found abundantly in our bodies. In this paper, we will explore the role of collagen in promoting nail strength, growth, and overall health.


The Role of Collagen in Nail Health


Collagen is crucial for maintaining the strength and integrity of nails. It provides a flexible yet firm structure to the nail plate, preventing brittleness and breakage. As our nails grow, new keratin cells are produced and pushed forward, forming a strong and flexible nail plate.

However, as we age, our bodies produce less collagen, leading to a decrease in nail strength. External factors like environmental pollutants, improper nail care, and exposure to chemicals can also contribute to nail damage and weakening. By supplementing our diet with collagen or using collagen-infused nail products, we can revitalize our nails and increase their strength and resilience.


Collagen plays a significant role in promoting healthy nail growth. It supports the production of keratin, the primary protein that makes up our nails. A deficiency in collagen can lead to slow nail growth, as well as weak, brittle nails that are prone to breakage and splitting.

A study by Hexsel et al. (2017) found that daily supplementation with collagen peptides led to a significant increase in nail growth rate and a decrease in nail brittleness. By increasing collagen intake, we can support the natural growth process of our nails and improve their overall health.


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