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Glow Getter
Avid Reader

Not used.

Really love my Collagen

So easy to take - dissolve with my frother one packet in my coffee daily ! Love it !


Everything about this collagen is perfect… The individual packaging, the easy dissolving in liquid, the fact that you can’t taste it, and the price! Most importantly, I notice a difference in my nails. They are not soft and cracking and breaking anymore! Thank you!

Collagen Peptides
Debra Milgram

Collagen powder is great, dissolves with no taste!

The individual packets are so convenient!

Collagen Peptides
Avid Reader
Pleased with this product

Although I'm still in the first few weeks of taking the collagen, I am already very pleased and expect to continue. It is very easy to take. I just stir it into my yogurt each morning.

Collagen Peptides
Ruth Bejar

Since I am taking the Aleta collagen I feel more energetic and less body pain!!

Collagen Peptides
Ahuva Tsibulevskiy

Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides
Mishelle Muchnik
Very happy with results

My hair is not falling as much it used to!! Very happy with results ❤️❤️

Collagen Peptides
Ella Khutova
Amazing product!!!!!

Absolutely love it! Easy on the stomach and I noticed my skin looked much better, more hydrated and glowy. The price is great comparing to other kosher brands. Highly recommend!

Great product!

I have tried many collagens. I love that this collagen is in individualized packages, has zero aftertaste and easily dissolves in my coffee. I look forward to ordering again!

Collagen Peptides
Miri Sigel
This collagen is great!

I love the perfect sized packets!


Collagen is tasteless and mixes in easily with liquids

Collagen Peptides
Rivka Holzer
Amazing product!

I started using these collagen powders three months ago and see a huge difference in my skin. Aside from that, I’m obsessed with the packaging! It makes taking collagen like a fun morning ritual. I add it to my hot coffee and really don’t taste it. I recommend adding it to hot coffee. It did not dissolve as easily in cold. The packets are so cute and pre-portioned so it takes the guess work out of it.

Collagen Peptides
Shayna Landsman
Love the Packets

I absolutely love the individual packets and the motivational sayings on them!

Collagen Peptides
rachel amouyal
Great collagen supplement!

I am new to adding collagen to my diet, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far by the quality of Aleta collagen. I have one packet every morning in my coffee, and it dissolves completely after about a minute. The biggest thing for me has been that adding the protein to my morning routine has completely taken away the headaches i had been having every day for months in my current pregnancy. Definitely going to stick with it!

Easiest protein source!

I was always hesitant to try collagen, but I tried Aleta because of the single serve packets and the fact that there are 9 grams of protein per packet. The other benefits of collagen are great too, although it’s too soon to see them. I’ve used Aleta for a week and I love how it’s tasteless and dissolves well into my coffee.

Luv this collagen!!

My go to top collagen and the little divided out pink packages are the best !! Esp for on the go!

Collagen Peptides
Shoshana Pollack
Pure, wholesome and practical

Great clean product! I love the little packets so no scooping necessary. I love it.

Love your product!

I am seeing a huge improvement in my hair, skin and nails, as well as my digestive system. Thank you for an amazing kosher product.

I love this brand of collagen. The packets are great for travel and every day use. It blends easily in my coffee and has no taste.

Bovine collagen - it works

need no other skin care products except for serum and moisturizer

The best

Dissolves completely, no taste, O-U certified kosher, and very high quality product. Love it!

Great people and great convenience

Instead of measuring powders and half of it ending on your countertop, these are neatly packaged high quality collagen packets. Shopping here is like buying from relatives that you like. The owner is caring and honest and deserves to be proud of the company's kosher and convenient product. This is the kind of company you feel good about buying from


Love that I found this easy-to-use kosher product. Really works for my hair and nails! Very happy.