Do Nursing Homes Need Collagen?

Yes! Many Adults in nursing homes would benefit tremendously from collagen.

Not only is collagen been proven to help with arthritisIn many adults. But it is also a great source of protein.Each packet of aleta collagen is filled with 9 grams of protein.

Not only is the protein non-dairy and included free as well as GMO free. But it is also safe for people with Crohn's disease to enjoy this collagen. Because it has no lactate it is very easy on the stomach and is very enjoyable for older people as well as younger people.

The average Americans should have half their weight in protein daily. By adding our kosher bovine collagen to your diet you can easily add protein to your diet with no cost to your wallet and no cost to your mental health. It is by far the cheapest form of protein, at the most delicious price.

It is no wonder that hundreds of people choose to use aleta collagen daily.

If you're still having any doubts feel free to shoot us an email for a special discount code so you can begin enjoying healthy collagen today.

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