Hello, my name is Yaakov holzer, I started aletacollagen to bring the life-changing benefits of kosher collagen at an affordable price, and convenience.
I noticed that when collagen became popular in 2022, many people I knew were taking non-kosher collagen because they found the price of kosher collagen to be too expensive. They wondered why they should pay more than double for the OU hechsher when they could buy non-kosher collagen online for less than half the price from a nonreliable hechsher. I saw that more and more of my friends had this issue. I ate a Shabbos meal at my neighbor's house when she pulled out her non-kosher collagen. She said, "But it has a hechsher on the back," but when we looked closer, it had a Conservative hechsher that I had never even heard of and neither had she. I was concerned that people were eating treif just to save money.
So I began a mission to bring kosher collagen to Orthodox Jews. But my dream doesn't end there; it only begins. I also wanted to make sure that Jews who are not in my circle, or who are Conservative or Reform, or who don't look Jewish but are Jewish inside, have access to kosher options. I have been fortunate to be part of a world-class kiruv program called Olami, which has inspired me to want to reach Jews in any way I can. I have recently started talks with the World Jewish Congress (WJC) to bring kosher collagen to the Conservative and Reform communities at a very low cost, so they can keep kosher as well.